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On the edge of a beautiful forest lived a good and honest woodcutter with a sharp iron axe.  Every day, the woodcutter took his iron axe up the mountain to cut wood.  


 One day, when he was cutting wood by the river, the woodcutter slipped his axe and dropped it into the river.  How am I going to make money without an axe?  Thinking of this, the woodcutter could not help sitting down on the bank and crying.  

 Just then, the river god appeared. When he understood what had happened, he felt sorry for the woodcutter. So he dived into the river, picked up a gold axe and asked, "Is this gold axe yours?"  The woodcutter shook his head and said, "This is not my axe."  

 Then the river god sank into the river again and pulled up a silver axe. "Is this silver axe yours?" he asked.  The woodcutter still shook his head and said, "No."  

The river god sank into the river for the third time, picked up an iron axe and asked, "Is this iron axe yours?"  When the woodcutter saw his axe, he jumped up and said joyfully, "Yes, yes, that is my axe."  

 The river god appreciated the woodcutter's honesty and gave him the gold and silver axes as gifts. The woodcutter went home with three axes and told his friends in detail what had happened.  

 When a greedy woodcutter heard this, he was very jealous and decided to try his luck.  He ran to the river and deliberately threw his iron axe into the water. Then he sat down on the bank and pretended to cry.  

 Sure enough, the river god appeared from the river and came to him.  After learning the truth, the river god sank to the bottom of the river and pulled up a gold axe. "Is this gold axe yours?" he asked.  "Yes, yes," cried the greedy woodcutter joyfully, "this is the axe I have lost!"  

 His greed and dishonesty were hated by the river god, who, without speaking, took the golden axe and sank to the bottom of the river, never to come out again.  Not only did the greedy woodcutter not get the gold axe, but he also lost his own iron axe.  

 Honesty is the basic requirement of being a human being. It will not lead to good results if you try to deceive others for personal gain.  https://canninglidspro.com/


【 conclusion 】 came back he said to the others about it back to the village, there is a person, I also wanted to try, then to the lake, threw his broken axe into the lake, the river god went up and asked him the same question, he said the gold axe and the silver axe is his, the river god did not give him the golden axe and the silver axe, and there is not even broken axe returned to him.  The story is basically about being honest.