In summer, mason jars are perfect with iced drinks, juice, herbal tea, and beer. Iced tea is made with lemon, mint and cucumber, and orange juice is squeezed from oranges. It is put in a transparent mason jar and frozen overnight. It is beautiful and delicious, the color of the drink has an eye-catching appeal in a transparent mason jar. Of course, it can be used to make hot tea, milk tea or coffee.

In addition, Mason jars are compact but can fit well. They have many sizes. According to the caliber, there are mainly Wide Mouth (wide mouth) and Regular Mouth (standard mouth). The wide mouth mason jar has a large mouth with an inner diameter of 86mm. It is often used to hold solid foods. It can be used to make reduced-fat vegetables, fruit salads, marinated cucumbers and kimchi for delicious meals. The standard mouth mason jar has a small mouth with an inner diameter of 70mm and is mostly used for holding Liquid or liquid food, can make beautiful and nutritious jams, drinks, cocktails, etc., to meet any of our needs.

If you think that the mason jar is just a jar for food, then you are wrong. In addition to being used in the kitchen, the mason jar is also a cool household item and a very stylish decoration.

Innovators' thinking is always boundlessly jumping, and under their hands, Mason jars can always be unearthed more potential. In addition to loading delicious food, you can also store some small objects, and the table immediately becomes neat and refreshing.

In addition, the mason jar is a very nice decoration. At the wedding scene, mason jars have almost become a must-have. We can often see beautiful mason jars with flower arrangements, joss sticks made from mason jars, crystal balls, retro chandeliers hanging from branches, and broken masons on the table. A wind chime pendant made of cans.

There are simply too many mason jars. Such mason jars are more than just containers and decorations. With long-term companionship, they also carry our pursuit of quality life and yearning for happiness.