The Mason jar is an airtight container that can be used to store food. Its fresh appearance, rich size and strong plasticity have led to many new uses.  It can be used to pickle pickles, make coffee cups, carry salads to work, make unique layered brownies, and even make light bulbs, vases, potted plants, and bathroom storage sets.  

Mason jars are separated from the lid and come with one - piece, two - piece, perforations and even piggy - jar LIDS.  Mason bottle made of thick glass tanks, it is the first thread bottle, the lid of the dedicated by a metal sheet and a threaded ring, at the moment can realize the tank vacuum, replaced the original use of cork, sealing wax anticorrosive trouble, transparent glass, of course, also help people clearly see tank change in time,  At that time, it solved the thorny problem of fruit storage for many families.  The secret to sealing it is the two-piece lid.  

The Mason bottle has never been out of history stage, and this old relic always finds its value in different places.  Today they are used to make home-made pickles and fruits, and are still a staple in housewives' kitchens, as well as in household cooking.  

It has become a fashionable for office workers in the city, with it as a container for salad lunch every day, can clearly see the food hierarchy, the network also spread a variety of canned salad recipes, beautiful and easy to do.  Walk out of the kitchen, mason bottle became default more best flower implement, will raise flowers and plants with it, look to be without violate and feel, develop specially even a flower arrangement category.  

And the industrial style interior design of popular, also do not forget to decorate with mason bottle, use lampshade as on desk lamp, droplight.  Of course, it appears the scene with the most scene is the bar of each bar, with mason bottle to fill the drink is appropriate, all kinds of cocktails, iced tea, fruit juice, many manufacturers also make the Mason cup used to fill the drink specially for this.