Mason jars are sold separately from the bottle and the lids&bands. The lid comes in one-piece, two-piece, perforated, and even a piggy bank lid. The secret of making it sealed is the two-piece lid. Put the glass bottle in hot water to keep it at a certain temperature. Put the finished hot jam into the bottle, then close the lid and put it back in hot water to heat it, and finally put it at room temperature. cool down. After some thermal expansion and contraction, when you unscrew the two-piece outer band and the lid does not move, the sealing is already successful.


  • Good airtightness (upgraded version): It has strong friction and fit, which makes the Mason jar tightly sealed.No Worry About Leakage.
  • Fresh-keeping products: specially designed to preserve food, it can keep fresh for a long time, allowing you to eat fresh food.They are easy to clean.
  • Use for regular and wide-mouth cans.
  • Material reuse: it is made of aluminum material, which can be washed and used, clean and environmentally friendly.Can Be Used in Refrigerators,

         Dishwashers, Water Bath Canner, Microwave Ovens, Etc.

  • Use these lids for jam, jelly, salsa, etc. This product does not contain BPA.and Can Also Be Used for Artwork, Gifts, and Decorations.
  • You Can Use a Marker to Mark Food Related Information on the Mason Lid to Help You Record the Production and Purchase Time of the Food.