Tips for crispy dill pickles:
1. In the beginning, the smaller and fresher the kimchi, the crisper it is. Larger cucumbers will become soft.
2. Don't overprocess kimchi. If you leave them in the water bath for too long, they will become soft. Take it out of the tank immediately after 15 minutes of processing.
3. Peel off the ends of the cucumber with a knife. The end carries an enzyme that promotes softening.

The following are the steps to marinate kimchi in a mason jar
1. Fill a jar with herbs and seasonings and wrap it tightly with cucumber(other vegetables are also ok)
2. Pour the brine into a 1/2" jar below the top.
3. Screw on the lid to make it tightly sealed, but not too tight, because air bubbles need to be able to escape.
4. Put the packaged cans into the can and cover with 1-2 inches of water. Treat for 15 minutes after boiling. Remove from the pot and let stand at room temperature for 12-24 hours. When the jar is completely sealed, you may hear a bang. After 24 hours, press the center of the lid to check if the seal has formed-it should not move. If no seal is formed, refrigerate the pickles and enjoy within 3 months.