Speaking of salad making, many people find it troublesome, but since the emergence of Mason Salad Pot Salad, the problem has been perfectly solved! Not only is it convenient to carry, but it is also delicious and beautiful. It will fascinate you in just a few minutes!

Is there anything more suitable to take to work than a mason jar salad? Make a salad juice the night before, pour it into the bottom of the jar, spread nuts, cheese, and vegetables layer by layer, cover it and put it in the refrigerator, put it in the bag the next morning, take it to the company, and mix it all at lunch. finished.

Super easy mason jar salad

Prepare ingredients:

40g almond paste, 15ml rice wine vinegar, a small amount of salt, 15ml maple syrup, 30ml sesame oil, 150g mixed leafy greens, 1 celery, 3 radishes, 1/4 green apples, 30g walnuts

Step method:

  • Stir almond paste, rice wine vinegar, salt, maple syrup, and sesame oil to make a salad dressing
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of salad juice into a Mason jar, then add apple slices, radish slices, celery segments and walnuts, and finally add vegetables, seal and refrigerate
  • Put the lids on the mason jar, the lids can keep the food fresh to the greatest extent. Just mix well when eating

Shake the jar well before eating the salad so that the salad sauce and the ingredients in the jar are fully mixed to achieve a better flavor effect. Easy to learn, delicious and nutritious