1. First cut four slices of lemon to cut the wall of the cup, and cut it as thinly as possible. It feels lighter and more translucent.
  2. Then put half a cup of ice cubes in the cup, as long as the height can block the lemon slices. If there are too few ice cubes, after pouring the liquid, the ice cubes will float, so the lemon slices cannot be fixed on the wall of the cup. .
  3. Pour half a cup of Sprite, the pour method is not particular.

(Here comes the point, pour the juice carefully, otherwise the layering is not obvious, or a bit muddy.)

  1. Take a stainless steel spoon, with the back of the spoon facing up, against the inner wall of the cup,
  2. Slowly pour the juice on the spoon, let it flow along the spoon slowly from the wall of the cup into the Sprite
  3. At this time, you will see that the juice is sinking in the lower layer, and the upper layer is Sprite, and the layered beverage is ready