Want to have your own Glitter Fairy Mason Jar Night light,? you can DIY one at home in your spare time.

1.1 Screw cap (like a glass bottle)-if necessary, it can be plastic.
2. Spraying process glue
3.1 ounces of glitter powder of any color (I used silver)
4. Battery-powered LED string lights (like this)
5. Bottle cap spray paint (if needed)
6. You can also use hot glue or epoxy to stick the battery pack inside the lid.

1. Open the jar and spray the inside with adhesive spray
2. Pour glitter in the jar, close the lid
3. Shake until glitter coats the inside of the jar , allow it about 10-15 minutes to dry.
4.Place lights inside the jar.
5.Glue battery pack to the inside of the lid if desired