When choosing a Mason jar, you should pay special attention to its cap, size, heat resistance and other factors. We will explain them one by one in the following, and hope that readers can use this to find their own hearts.
  • Choose according to the shape of the bottle cap
The style of the lid will greatly affect the use of Mason jars, and the various designs of major manufacturers on the market are endless. The following will introduce several representative types.
  • Two-piece type: suitable for long-term storage
The so-called two-piece bottle cap is composed of an inner metal gasket and a ring-shaped metal outer cap, which is very suitable for long-term storage of jams and pickles. This design can exhaust the air in the tank, which is essential for achieving the vacuum state required for long-term storage. When the seal is properly sealed, the metal sheet of the inner cover will sink and make a crisp sound. Readers who like to make sauces or pickles at home may wish to try this type of mason jar.
  • Plastic cover: suitable for use as tableware
If you want to put salad or even bento in a mason jar and use it as a tableware, you can take ordinary bottle caps such as plastic caps that have no airtight function into consideration. In addition, there are also straw hole caps specially made for smoothies and other drinks, and the design of the holes is also unique; as for posting photos on social networking sites and attracting the attention of everyone, colorful caps will be a good choice .
  • Multi-function bottle cap or capless type: more versatile and versatile
In addition to preserving ingredients, the stylish mason jar can also be transformed into a variety of decorations and fashion groceries. There are a wide variety of products on the market, from push-type foamers, accompanying cups, to juicers, oil bottles, etc. There are even pin packs in Japan. In addition, it is also recommended to directly choose products without lids, make your own exclusive vases or dried flower fragrance jars.
  • A variety of sizes to choose from

As small as the mini model that is just suitable for jam, as large as the 900mL large-capacity model that can store dry food such as coffee beans, the mason jar has a variety of sizes, and you can choose according to your own needs. And when you are hesitant to use it, you might as well start with the 500mL capacity style with high versatility. In addition, there are also mason jars with a capacity of up to 5L on the market, which can be filled with juice by rotating the tap below. Readers who are considering hosting parties at home and entertaining friends should not miss it.

After choosing the jar, let's take a look at the mason jar lids.