Creative use of mason jars in weddings  

Mason jar in recent years in the use of a lot of weddings, especially the country wind theme wedding, it with flowers, candles collocation more romantic effect, create a relaxed and warm atmosphere.   

While there's more than one way to use a painted mason jar, we'll share three ways you can use it at your wedding reception.  Here are the three:  

1:The vase  

Perhaps the most popular way to use a mason jar is to use it as a vase. Here are some examples:  

2:Table stands no.  

Make your table number more outstanding!  Use mason jars to make table cards. Use string to tie a small piece of paper with table cards on it to the mason jars.  


3:Decorate the cake table (or the table for guest check-in books) ‍  

Use these mason jars to create a unique decoration for your wedding, whether it's on your cake table, your guest check-in table, or any other place your wedding needs to be decorated.