Canning lids

We'll talk about some of the more controversial topics that, to be honest, I've never even considered before 2020.  Shelves were empty, and despite a year of madness, LIDS were hard to find.  Which got me thinking last year -- can can LIDS be reused?  

I want to start by saying that safety rules tell you that you can only use the lid once.  If you want to follow set safety rules and avoid making any set mistakes, please ignore this article.  

To be honest.  All Type Mason jar Lids site

I always hate to eat a tin and throw the lid away.  It really feels like a waste.  While you can do a few things with used tin LIDS, I have too many.  

So when it happened, I did what any sensible housewife would do -- I listened and talked to the other canners.  


I get a lot of feedback, and if you check YouTube or social media, I'm sure you'll see other people sharing their thoughts as well.  We discussed whether Bohr or Kerr suggested a one-time use to get more money.  

Honestly, this is the company.  

Or, if it really is different.  All Type Mason jar Lids site


I can provide food for my family, and I want to make sure I safely make and preserve the food that will be stored in our pantry for more than a few weeks.  The vast majority of people I spoke to said they could safely reuse pot LIDS;  Most people say you can reuse it once or twice.  

Let's dig into this topic and we'll also cover some of the approved reusable can lid options that I think are great.  

Why does the company say can't be reused?  

Before we consider reusing can LIDS, it's important to know why these companies are making this recommendation.  

According to North Dakota State University,  

Do not attempt to reuse cans.  Gasket compounds in used LIDS may not seal cans, causing food insecurity.  When handling jars, the gasket on the new lid will soften and flow slightly to cover the sealing surface of the jars.