Mason jar, or Mason bottle, Mason cup. Originally used to preserve or preserve food, it consists of a transparent beaker and a metal lid with a hole, which is similar to a sealed jar. Because the material of the mason jar is the same as the window, it is ordinary glass. The temperature difference of boiling water will make it burst. Potassium glass is afraid of drastic temperature changes. Therefore, the mason jar cannot be filled with hot water. It is only recommended for cold drinks.

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  1. Mason jar is a glass jar with lid originated in the United States. Juices, jellies, and milkshakes filled in Mason jars are popular all over the world due to their health and deliciousness, variety of shapes, and full of artistic style.
  1. 82 delicious desserts made in Mason jars (glass jars with lids), including not only pudding, jelly, and other cold desserts made by water bath, but also traditional baked desserts such as cheese cake and chocolate cake.
  1. After these delicious desserts are made, they can be easily stored just by covering the bottle cap. Transparent glass, with colorful desserts, food can also become a beautiful scenery.