where can i make canning lids

1. Taolian fetal soil.  China is fired with China clay, kaolin, natural China clay contains more impurities, need to wash out most of the impurities, the future fired porcelain will be firm and delicate white.  Also need to knead mud, if this process is less, it will be easy to appear in the form of bubbles in the body, if the body is too dry, easy to crack deformation when firing.  


2. The embryo.  The process of washing China clay into various shapes and drying it.  


3. The painting.  After drying, use blue and white material to draw patterns on the surface.  


4. The mixed water.  The charm of blue and white porcelain is just like the position of freehand brushwork ink landscape in Chinese painting. The beauty of blue and white porcelain lies not only in the fine painting, but also in the beautiful and delicate levels of the texturing method and dyeing method of traditional Chinese ink landscape, which all come from the process of mixing water.  https://canninglidspro.com/products/lids-2


5. Cover glaze.  Apply glaze water to the surface of the porcelain embryo that has been decorated with fine patterns. Generally, there are methods such as sticking glaze, brushing glaze, dipping glaze and blowing glaze.  The duration of immersion in glaze water directly affects the appearance of porcelain after firing.  


6. The kiln.  The porcelain blanks to be burned are evenly distributed in the kiln body, which is called full kiln.  When the kiln is full, it is necessary to place it reasonably according to the structure size of the kiln body and the size of the blank body to be burned, and leave a reasonable fire passage and flue, otherwise it will affect the atmosphere in the kiln body during firing, resulting in firing failure.  


7. The kiln.  After 12 to 18 hours of natural cooling, the kiln can be opened when the internal temperature drops to room temperature.  This is the most exciting part of the whole process.