Mason cup, also known as Mason jar, is a sealed container that can be used to store food. Because of its fresh appearance, rich size and strong plasticity, it has also derived many new uses.

The Mason jar is separated from the jar and the lid. The lid has one-piece, two-piece, perforated, and even a piggy bank lid. The secret of making it sealed is the two-piece lid. Put the glass bottle in hot water to keep it at a certain temperature. Put the finished hot jam into the bottle, then close the lid and put it back in hot water to heat it, and finally put it at room temperature. cool down.

The Mason jar is made of a thick glass jar. It is the first to have a threaded bottle mouth. The special lid is composed of a metal sheet and a threaded ring. The troublesome method of wax preservation, of course, the transparent glass also helped people to clearly see the changes in the jar in time, which solved the thorny fruit storage problem in many families at that time.

Product Usage:

Mason Jar has never withdrawn from the stage of history, he can find his value in different places. Nowadays, using it to make home-made pickles and fruits is still the basic skill of housewives in the kitchen, and they are indispensable for storing ingredients in the home.

It has become a fashionable thing for white-collar workers in the city. Use it as a container for daily salad lunches. You can clearly see the food level. There are also various canned salad recipes circulating on social networks, which are beautiful and easy. Do. Out of the kitchen, the Mason jar has become the best flower by default. You can use it to grow flowers and plants, and it looks like there is no sense of contradiction.

And the popular industrial-style interior design does not forget to decorate with Mason jars, which are used as lampshades on table lamps and chandeliers. Of course, the scene with the most scenes is the bar counters of various bars. It is suitable to use Mason jars to hold drinks. Various cocktails, ice teas, juices, and many manufacturers also specially make Mason cups for holding drinks. .