Mason jar is a glass storage jar with a lid divided into two layers. The outer layer is a circle and the inner layer is a round lid.  

1: Mason jars into beauty  

- It's beautiful with flowers  

Brush the outside of the bottle with glue, then sprinkle the glitter evenly, and you have a beautiful vase.  

2: Paper can -  

The paper box is broken, and there is no tissue box to put them in. You might as well put them in a Mason jar, make an opening in the cap, and draw tissues from inside.  This method can also be used to put wipes.  

Using the porous cap of a Mason jar, add an extension screw, drive the spool in, and run the thread through the hole in the cap, so you can pull whichever color of thread you want without messing with it.  

3: Small objects storage

Classify small objects according to the scene that needs to be used, decorate a little, see the mood is beautiful.  

4: Candlestick -  

Simple candlesticks can be made with fallen leaves and glue  

A full jar of candles can be used for a long time, and the wax oil will not flow out, in the production of the time can be added to their favorite essential oil, made into scented candles.  

Rosemary and lemon zest, water, candles, perfect party decorations.  

5: Luminous can

Gather up the starlight and give it to your loved one.  After making the glow-in-the dark jar, you can also put greeting cards and commemorative objects in it.  

The moonlit canister is all the rage using lawn solar lamps, which are attached to the lid of the can.  

6: Will mason bottle and droplight frame combination rise, it is the lamps and lanterns of beauty restoring ancient ways.  

A bit of small idea, ordinary object can coruscate gives new idea, use the place that think of unexpectedly, the life that gives oneself increases pleasure, promote convenience level.