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Use this fun mason craft to collect date night (or family night!) suggestions. All Type Mason jar Lids sitehttps://canninglidspro.com/

The plum jar is classy and classy, ​​and it makes a great gift for any grand celebration. In addition to turning them into cute miniature glasses for gift boxes, there are many fun celebrations or plum jars that you can use to celebrate, your plum jar is a gift for any celebration. Your wedding, bridal party or engagement project. One of our favorite DIYs to give away? Jujube jar! Weddings and engagement parties, inviting friends and family to write the couple's date buddies on a popsicle movie, gathering at Decor Mason's then evening's events. The jar can help them maintain a long-lasting marriage. Dating cans can be girls for couples and families. A pretty canned tin and chocolate balls as a garnish, then sit back and come up with a recipe you want or something you want to fill - or it can be a continuation!All Type Mason jar Lids sitehttps://canninglidspro.com/

Make this project as simple or as extravagant as you wish. You will need to put stickers, paints, markers and other labels on the date jars. Once the decorated jars are ready, place a half-pint jar full of Sharpies next to the date jar, place some blank popsicles on top of the date jar, and glue the table between the jars. For extra decoration, try tying a ribbon or some lace around the rim of the jar! Give the guest a sign with instructions at the end, and you're ready to go. We created our own and printed it out, but a chalkboard or letterboard would work just as well! Wedding and Engagement Party Instructions: Contribute to the newlyweds' dating pot! Grab a blank popsicle and use a marker to write a creative date idea for the couple.