For breakfast, eat a jar of nut salad and put some fruits in it, which is both delicious and replenishing energy. Salads are usually eaten freshly made. Some people, in order to extend the freshness of salads, stack different ingredients one after another, top with salad dressing or sauce, and store them in a mason jar in the refrigerator. , Called a layered salad.

As a lunch tin salad, while pursuing health, it must also be nutritious. Vegetables are indispensable, and seasonal vegetables are indispensable. It is best to choose several vegetables with different textures and colors, such as cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, etc., which look good. Vegetables alone are not nutritious, and they are not full, so adding meat and staple food is also a must. The meat is cooked with water and salt beforehand. It is simpler. Don't use complicated cooking methods to make it into a "heavy" taste. The heat will be higher. Chicken and shrimp are good choices.Put them into a mason jar, that is apretty lunch!

The staple food is best to choose whole grains, whole wheat bread, soba noodles (pre-cooked) can be. The content of staple food should not exceed half of the overall content. Other soy products, fungi, etc. can be added according to your own habits.

Afternoon fruit meal. In addition to lunch, a fruit mason jar salad made of fruits, yogurt, and nuts is also very popular as an afternoon snack. Fruits can replenish vitamins and water, yogurt helps digestion, and nuts can replenish energy and nutrition for the brain. It takes 10 minutes to eat and take a break. It feels good.

Those who love beauty eat very little for dinner, and a canned salad of pure vegetables is also a good choice, and there is no burden.