• Advantages:
  1. No odor, after storing the spicy cabbage, you can wash it and put juice.
  2. Durable, if the cover is lost and broken in the future, you can buy a replacement cover
  3. It has a lot of functions at home.

When there are many people in the family, you can make water cups and hold drinks.

When filling the leftovers, seal the transparent bottle to insulate the taste, so it’s very clear and you won’t forget it.

  • Shortcoming:
  1. It is very heavy to take out, only suitable for ordinary city life. Mainly ride bicycles/cars, and pack food when not walking or go downstairs.
  2. Packing hot food will be very hot.

Suggestions: 1. Do not fill up, leave a place to hold 2. Make a cloth pocket for heat insulation