Frozen foods are easier to keep.All Type Mason jar Lids site

A simple process that can thaw the loss of the freshest preservation technology of ingredients, one is the texture, transformation and purest quality of frozen food. , which successfully becomes  Return to the home page What do you need to freeze? Freezer recipes. See Mason Canning Back to Basics, The Complete Guide to Mason Home Preservation or the all-new Mason Canning and Preserving book for more information, how-tos and recipes. Common kitchen utensils and equipment Freezer containers or packaging such as freezer-safe mason jars, plastic freezer bags, vacuum jars, freezer foil, or freezer paper. Quality ingredients such as fresh produce. Freezer: Note that selecting this jar also safely selects all shoulders. Yes or no; the jar guide for side wide bottle freezing should have a freezer safe jar guide.All Type Mason jar Lids site

Eight Easy Steps to Freezing Only stack after the food is completely frozen.

1. Check the recipe and instructions.

2. Collect equipment and raw materials.

3. Choose storage containers suitable for frozen food. Clean, rinse and dry the container. Tip: Use hard containers for foods that are liquid or semi-liquid at room temperature, and use flexible packaging for foods that are solid at room temperature.

4. Prepare fresh produce and other high-quality ingredients according to the recipe. Most vegetables and some fruits benefit from pretreatment techniques such as blanching.

Tip: Most vegetables and some fruits benefit from pretreatment techniques such as blanching. Blanching (heating in steam or water for a specific time followed by rapid cooling) fixes the color, slows the action of enzymes, and kills many spoilage microorganisms.

5. Place prepared foods in appropriate freezer containers according to recipe directions, or wrap in freezer wrap. For rigid containers, leave an inch of headspace for the liquid to expand.

6. Mark the date and product name.

7. Freeze in a single layer in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Do tip stacking only after the food is completely frozen.

8. Store in a 0°F refrigerator for the recommended time.