The little ideas of environmental protection. Mason jar making a small piggy bank.In childhood have a piggy bank, Although it is not my mother's brooch beautiful shells, nor my father handsome black leather shoes, but my heart's favorite things. Grow up is still very miss the childhood friends, so today just to bring us this piggy bank handmade tutorial. Can use this mason jar pig piggy bank save your pocket money and peers, in day by day with patience of savings will life savings reserve them for any needed! Follow the tutorial to your recycling  DIY craft a lovely pig piggy bank!

Handmade pig piggy bank need: mason jar, four rubber plug, copper bar, spray paint, two cut tin ear. Here are handmade craft personality piggy bank process, it will only help you to save the pinky pig back to home.

1, Do nose on the tank cover slot, the slot will be the place where you insert the COINS, I use a belt cutting bit.The use of paint of dumb light of shallow pink in the jar (body) color, do the lid (nose) with deep pink color. Cut with knives in each rubber plug H a gap, and on the hoof (pedal) at the bottom of the pot.

2, Put everything together, the bottom of the pot by glue good foot, then the tail and ears stick in the body. Lovely pig piggy bank was finished by hand, the remaining task is to remind yourself to start saving from this moment!

The desk with a chubby pig, small mouth curled his like hungry ask you for something to eat. To see the appearance of the poor, it certainly can't help but put something in his belly. Day after day, save enough pocket money.