First, choose the size of your canning bands
There are two different sizes: wide mouth and regular mouth. The wide mouth belt is bigger, which is the raw material of white pumpkin. Large pumpkins measures 8 inches, and small pumpkins are slightly smaller than 7 inches.

Next, decide if you want to draw them
If you do, make sure you consider more time to have a few coats on both sides,
as well as drying time. Both matte spray paint and glossy ones are fine.

Now assemble your crock lid pumpkin
1. Straps together with rope or yarn are used commonly to assemble.
It's easier to use a pipe cleaner and get a tighter connection than yarn.
Make sure all the bands are in the same direction.

2. Screwing two pipe cleaners together to make a long pipe cleaner. Tighten and secure. Pass the pipe cleaner through the tape, or screw the tape onto the pipe cleaner...

3.Next screw the ends of the pipe cleaner together, tightening as tightly as possible, to connect all the straps together.
Fan them open if you need to, but you'll be amazed at how naturally your pumpkin forms when you put it on the table!

4.Next, add the stems to your pumpkin

5.Finally, glue two pairs of cinnamon sticks together with hot glue to make a stem. Add some hot glue to the bottom of the cinnamon stick bundle and insert it into the center of the pumpkin.