In recent years, people should be concerned about health issues, some sports experts in addition to physical exercise, in the diet will also pay special attention to, in recent years, Masonguy food is popular among fitness people. As one of the most concerned foods in a healthy diet-salad has also undergone some changes ingeniously. Especially for office workers, the state of all kinds of ingredients scattered on the plate is no longer welcome, and canned salads that are rich in appearance and taste are the darlings of the past few years.

In 1858, John L. Mason invented a glass bottle with a lid. At that time, the first spiral bottle cap design composed of iron sheets and spiral rings enhanced the sealing performance and can seal and isolate the air, thereby achieving the purpose of extending the life of food and keeping fresh. , A good solution to the sealing problem of pickled food by housewives in the era of no refrigerator.

Although a jar of salad is just to put the salad in a jar, it is not a good way to install it casually. It needs to follow certain rules to achieve the purpose of being delicious, fresh and easy to carry.It is best to choose a wide-mouth bottle, and a glass mason jar with a capacity of more than 350 ml is the best, so that the food can be easily filled.


The ingredients of canned salad are no different from ordinary salad ingredients. Vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, soy products, eggs, meat, seafood, aquatic products, etc., even rice, noodles, beans and whole grains can be called canned salad ingredients , Just choose according to your own taste and habits. However, ingredients such as meat, eggs, seafood, and rice noodles need to be processed before they can be used for salads.

Production sequence

First, prepare the mason jar. For the sake of beauty and hygiene, it is best to tear off the label of the bottle and can, wash it, and control the moisture to ensure that it is dry and has no peculiar smell.

The next step is to put the washed and processed ingredients and sauces into the tank in turn. Generally speaking, put salad dressing, yogurt or seasoning sauce in the bottom layer; if there are more ingredients, put solid foam-resistant ingredients on the top layer of the sauce, such as beans, onions, meat, etc.; put water in the top layer More fruits and vegetables; ingredients that are not resistant to bubbles such as pasta, biscuits, dried fruits, etc. are placed on top of the fruits and vegetables; the top layer is placed with leafy vegetables and berries that are easy to rot.

Make sure that each layer of ingredients is relatively close and solid, leaving as little space as possible, and finally cover the bottle tightly and carry it away or store it in the refrigerator. The shelf life should not exceed three days.

How to eat

Because sauces and other seasonings are at the bottom of the mason jar, itโ€™s best to turn the jar upside down before eating a jar of salad, so that the seasoning is fully integrated with various ingredients, or you can shake it by hand.

Jars of salads were first popularized by self-contained lunches of health-conscious beauty lovers. Prepare the ingredients every night to make a canned salad and put it in the refrigerator. The next day, take it away to work for lunch. It is healthy and delicious.