Using mason jars to make salads is a very popular delicacy nowadays, which not only looks appetizing, but also popular with vegetarians. However, any carelessness in the production process may cause the ingredients to become stale! But don’t worry, as long as you follow these methods to make Mason Salad, you will not be wrong, try it!

1.A sense of decoration

Using a mason jar to make a salad, in addition to being delicious, it must be good-looking, and it is perfect for decoration. The secret of mason jar salad is layering, starting from the bottom layer. For a 4 pint mason jar, each layer is filled with 3 to 4 teaspoons of salad dressing, and for a smaller mason jar, each layer is filled with 2 teaspoons of salad dressing. (You can choose to put the onion at the bottom, so that the multiple layers of seasoning can dilute the pungent taste of the onion)


The ingredients that can be added are: carrots, cherry tomatoes, sweet beans, or chickpeas.

3.Close between layers

The tighter the layers and the less air, the fresher the salad will be.

Put cheese and green leaves on top

4.Put cheese and green leaves on top

The final step of making: Place cheese and green leaves on the top of the salad. This forms a natural moisture barrier to prevent the entire salad from becoming damp. If you like nuts and cheese, you can also add them at the end.

5.Seal with parchment paper

Mason jar salad is kept for a short period of time, the layer will collapse, or the whole salad will become very wet, the fruit will be soaked in vinegar, etc. Don't worry, there is actually a good solution, that is, use "parchment paper." .

6.Sauce Cup

When making mason jar salad, don't overfill it, leave some upper space for making sauce cups.

(1) Cut out a square parchment paper, about a circle wider than the mouth of the jar (8×8 square is more than enough). Put it in the jar and press it down to form a cup. The edge of the parchment paper should extend beyond the edge of the jar and bend down and place it outside the jar.

(2) Pour the salad dressing into the parchment paper cup and screw on the lid. Keep the jar tightly closed, even if there is parchment paper, make sure that the lid is tight and there is no leakage. (Personally, it is not recommended to pour out the salad for consumption).

(3) When eating, pour the seasoning into the bowl, and pour the contents of the jar into the bowl.