Here is a list of 11 creative (and simple!) ways that you can keep reusing your flat lids, even after they've been through a round of canning:
(If you prefer to stash the rings and buy new flat lids for your next canning project, these first 5 ideas are for you!)
1) Christmas ornaments
Christmas may seem like it’s months away but, as the saying goes, “time flies” and the holidays will be here before we know it!
Stash flat lids and make DIY Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree or give away this holiday season.
Mason Jar Lid Snowman
2) Pumpkin craft
For the friend who love “pumpkin spice everything”, all you need is orange craft paint, glue, 3 flat lids and a piece of wood to create an adorable DIY pumpkin.
Easy DIY Pumpkin Craft with Mason Jar Lids
3) Mason jar lid magnets
Magnets are another fun personalized gift idea! Glue a photo to the metallic side of a flat lid, and a magnet to the back for a unique magnet.
Make a magnet with a photo of your child or their name and use it to attach their latest art project to your fridge!
You could use patterned paper or magazine clippings instead of photos, the possibilities are endless!
an assortment of colourful photographs of kids and used mason jar flat lids for simple mason jar lid DIYs
4) Chalkboard tags
Paint the metallic side of the flat lid with chalkboard paint, drill a hole into the lid and use twine to hang your easy to make, reusable chalkboard tag on anything! 
5) Mason jar lid coasters
These mason jar lid coasters would make a great gift idea and can be made with or without the ring.
(These next 6 ideas reuse both the flat lid and the ring...)
6) Freezer foods
YES! You can use a flat lid that’s been sealed and used for canning for your freezer food projects!
Because the food is being frozen, the seal doesn’t need to be 100% air tight like it does for shelf stable canning.
Read our blog post "How to Successfully Freeze Food in Jars" for more tips.
wooden table covered with mason jars and lids and a red bowl full of strawberry freezer jam
7) Mason jar lid desserts
Can it get any cuter than a single serve strawberry pie with a lattice crust, in a mason jar lid?!
We love that these sweet treats can be baked and served in the mason jar lid, making prep and clean up a snap!
For more recipes follow our Food and Drinks in Jar Pinterest Board.
8) Baked eggs in a mason jar lid
Whether you prefer easy over or sunny-side up, crack an egg into a mason jar lid and slide it in the oven for a perfect egg every time!
9) Dry food storage
Reuse canning lids and mason jars to store baking essentials and spices in your kitchen.
white spice rack holding three small mason jars with chalkboard labels reading cinnamon cloves and nutmeg
10) DIY gifts
Mason jars are great for personalized DIY gifts, and you can seal them with a used flat lid and ring for a self-contained gift and wrapping!
Home made candles, bath salts, and hot chocolate mixes all fit perfectly into a mason jar. Or, fill a mason jar with chocolates for an extra yummy treat!
Check out these seasonal DIY mason jar gift ideas on our blog or find our Mason Jar Projects Pinterest Board for some great mason jar DIY ideas. (candles, bath salts/soaks, hot chocolate mix)
epson salts in mason jars with burlap ribbon
11) Bulk cleaner storage
 If you buy laundry soap or other cleaning products in bulk, use a mason jar with a used canning lid to hold a smaller portion for easy everyday use.
If you use a local refillery to stock up on home cleaners, a mason jar is the perfect container to fill up and leave on the shelf.
wide mouth mason jar holding white Nellie's laundry soda with a blue scoop next to a mason jar lid
This list doesn't stop at 11 ideas!
Find us on Pinterest for even more ways to repurpose mason jar flat lids and other projects. 
We know how hard it is to minimize waste and clutter from your home.
We believe that with a few simple changes, the low waste lifestyle can be fun, affordable, and achievable.
Let's continue thinking outside the box and getting creative with finding ways to reuse other common items in our homes!