The average set of plastic tupperware costs $20 and has 12 pieces. You can buy 12 mason jars for $3. That is a bargain. They’re perfect for leftovers.
Whether you have leftover stir fry from a home cooked meal or if you’re out at a restaurant. Opt out of the styrofoam to-go container
at the restaurant and load the mason jar up with your leftovers. It’s easy peasy!  


Who needs a disposable coffee cup? Not you. You can also make coffee in a mason jar with a nut milk bag! 

Baking dish

Photo Credit: Citron Limette
Yeah! You can bake personalized meals inside of mason jar. Anything from banana bread to lasagna or mini pot-pies. Isn’t it darling? 

Biscuit cutters

Photo Credit: Our Best Bites
The mason jar bands are crazy versatile too. I like to make Justin biscuit breakfast sandwiches. The bands make a great biscuit cutter which leads to my next point…  

Egg rings

To go with the perfect sized biscuits. Your eggs will be the perfect size to fit in the biscuit.  


I have an entire post on takeout and a youtube video! Perfect for loading up on soups, sauces, and noodles. 

Mini pie tins

Photo Cred: Created By Dianne
Instead of cupcakes, you can make mini pies with the mason jar rings. Y.U.M. I would make these with the metal lids and
avoid the plastic based lids to avoid transferring BPS into your food. 

Food storage

You can read more about food storage in my prep post and ways to avoid food waste. I store all of my dry goods in glass jars
which keep the food fresh and free of critters. I also store a lot of my food in the fridge in glass jars. Lettuce will keep crisp for 2 weeks. 


I used several of my smaller jars to make candles. It’s perfect for holiday parties. 

Water bottle:

You can of course always use it as a water bottle in a pinch. Plastic-free so you don’t have to worry about BPA or BPS leaking into your drinking water. 


Of course, they’re also great for organization. We have them in our workshop for tools, at the desk for office supplies,
the kitchen for food, and the bathroom! I don’t think there’s a room in our house missing a mason jar. 
Way cheaper than some of the stuff that you’d buy at the container store. And, they look just as nice. 

Beauty products

I store all of my beauty products in glass jars too like lotion, toothpowder, and aloe vera gel.
They’re just so functional, and easy to keep everything air tight. 


When I’m jamming in the kitchen making buffalo cauliflower and energy bites I place my phone in a shallow glass jar.
It works just as good as an iHome, without actually having to buy an iHome. 


You can also use them as drinking glasses. Comes in super handy for parties. If you’re running short on glasses,
or you want to give your friends something you don’t mind them breaking. Is it really a party if someone doesn’t break a glass? 
Of course, you don’t need any fancy jars. A lot of you have jars already. Pasta sauce, jam, or other condiments come in glass jars.
I still have all of my old sauce jars. I just keep them in the freezer. That way if one of them happens to break I don’t cry too much over it.
After all – I did spend an entire quarter on my pretty mason jars. 
Do you have a certain style you prefer? What do you use glass jars for? I know I missed a ton of unique things; so share down in the comments!