Are golden harvest canning lids good

Because preserves belong to pickled products, and preserves are highly dehydrated, so the most afraid of preservation is moisture, if it is stored in the refrigerator, it will be easy to rot.  The reason is not hard, as the sugars in preserves crystallize at low temperatures and spoil them.  Use chopsticks or other tools to pick plum preserves. Try not to get any water or oil to avoid mildew and decay.  The best way is to store the remaining preserves in a moisture-proof box. If you don't have a moisture-proof box, it is best to keep them in a cool place.


Candied fruit variety, color, fragrance, taste are good, and there are some storage methods.  Preserved fruit will not appear spoilage and deterioration caused by microorganism.  But if the finished product is wet, it will reduce the sugar concentration and lead to food spoilage.  In the preservation process is also prone to dark color, melting, shrinking and other phenomena.  Keep it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight and prevent dampness in rainy season.  If dampness is found, measures should be taken in time.



If in the north, the air is relatively dry, it is best to put honey money food in plastic bags, the temperature is the most appropriate to 13-16 degrees Celsius, to prevent its shrinkage and air drying.  Different varieties should be stored separately, especially those with different water content.  There is another thing to pay attention to, that is, the preservation of preserved fruit should also pay attention to dust and insect prevention, to ensure its inherent flavor and nutrition.