Almost every household in the United States will have Mason Jar. It was originally used to make jams and prepare pickles. Let me introduce to you why it is so easy to use and so popular.

  1. A cup of multi-purpose: can be used as a water cup, a salad cup, making chia seed pudding, dry goods, coffee.
  1. It can be hot or cold: it can be frozen, it can be microwaved, and the soup or oatmeal that can not be eaten can be frozen.
  1. Environmental protection and durability: The glass texture is very environmentally friendly, and will not odor, suitable for coffee beans and so on.
  1. With capacity mark: The standard Mason Jar will usually prompt both the milliliter and the cup volume, and will also give you a freezing line: remind you not to put too much liquid if you need to freeze
  1. There are only two common sizes for the cup mouth:standard and wide month (wide mouth), which can be mixed, and you can buy lids and brands separately!
  1. Wide variety: from shot size (1 oz) to half gallon. There are many kinds of sizes (but the caps are the same)
  1. It can be stacked and it is not easy to pour: The Mason Jar itself was born for making jam and pickled cucumbers. It is impossible for ordinary people to make a bottle, so the stacking storage is considered at the beginning of the design. This also makes the Mason Jar particularly suitable as a food storage tool.
  1. It is completely sealed and easy to open. What girls hate the most about cans is that they are particularly difficult to open, but the design of the double-layer bottle sticker + cap ring of the Mason Jar makes it particularly easy to open! The complete seal makes the Mason Jar suitable for storing liquids.

      9. A variety of bottle caps to choose from: In addition to the traditional                     double-layer bottle caps, there are a lot of bottle caps to choose from on             the Internet: plastic, silicone, and holes for straws, with flip caps, and                   various.